Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Garden)

Luxembourg garden is the largest park located on the Left Bank in Paris. The park is 60 acres of fun and beauty. The original inspiration for Luxembourg garden was the Boboli garden in Florence, Italy. In the 19th century a redesign of the garden bestowed it with true French charm. Luxembourg Palace, Luxembourg gardens Luxembourg Garden is part of Luxembourg Palace which is currently home to the French Senate. It is one of our family's favorite places to visit. There are so many activities for children and adults in this park. Plan a day around the Luxembourg Garden. Let the fun begin!

The activity that seems most French is at the octagonal pond, also called the Grand Basin, Floating boats in Grand Basin, Luxembourg gardens where for a small fee you can rent a toy sailboat. The sailboats are not remote control, so age and ability are not a problem. The boats are controlled with a long pole that your child will be given at the time of the sailboat rental. The sailboats are different colors and your child will choose their boat, and will know exactly which boat is theirs when they launch it into the pond. The wind, and the pole your child uses, will sail the boat around the pond. Your child will be excited to chase their sailboat around. As for mom, or dad, moveable green chairs dot the perimeter of the pond, so that you can move it to sit exactly where you want to watch your children play. (You can sit back and relax, providing you think your child is old enough to handle sailing on their own, or join in the fun.) The gorgeous array of flowers is a sight to behold.

This garden is such a special place, you will want to memorize the colors, and sounds, as well as the smile on your child's Children's playground, Luxembourg gardens face. There is, also, a huge children's playground (parc a jeux). There is a fee to enter, but the playground is worth it. The playground has activities divided by age. Activities that are for ages 7 and under are on one side of the playground, while activities for 7 and above are on the other side of the playground. There are swings, slides, zip lines, sandboxes, playhouses, a huge rope climb, and bridges on this playground. Adults will also have to pay to enter, but it is not necessary to go into the playground, as you can sit outside the fence and see your child at all times. Parents of younger children will most likely want to go into the playground to help them get on and off the play equipment. The playground is remarkably clean, and highly maintained. Just outside the Children's carousel, Luxembourg gardens playground there is an old fashioned carousel. It seems to be from our childhood's long forgotten past and it is somehow enchanting, there is a fee to ride the carousel. There is also a marionette theatre where puppet shows are performed 3 times per day in the summer months. (Times are usually around 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30pm. In other months, performances are on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 3:30pm, with some performances Pony rides, Luxembourg gardens on holidays that are also at 3:30pm.) Luxembourg gardens, also, has pony rides for a fee. Last summer, when we were in Luxembourg garden there were two children's wading pools, with 2 sandboxes in between.

There are at least 6 well maintained tennis courts. The tennis courts are located near the children's playground. If you don't have your racket with you, you can pull up a moveable green chair to enjoy watching a match. Other activities are bocce ball, volley ball, jogging, and basketball courts. There are a number of built in tables for chess and other board games. Areas for lawn play are clearly marked, so stay off the grass until you find the lawn play area. (The area is located behind the palace beyond the octagonal boat pond and tennis courts. Watch for the signs that say you can play on the grass.) There were groups practicing soccer in a couple of the areas for lawn play. Music is played in the bandstand. So, pull Tennis courts, Luxembourg gardens up a chair and enjoy!

There are nearly 100 statues in Luxembourg gardens. Statues of French queens are perfectly placed throughout the garden, including a statue of Saint-Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. One of the statues, in Luxembourg garden, is a small bronze model of the Statue of Liberty that was installed in 1906. (Please note: There is also another model of the Statue of Liberty that was installed in 1889 Fontaine de Medicis, Luxembourg gardens that is located on the Seine River. It is near the Grenelle Bridge (pont de Grenelle, in French.) on the Ile des Cygnes, several bridges down from the Eiffel Tower. Map of Grennele Bridge

Don't miss the Fontaine de Medicis, (if you are standing facing the back of the palace it is to the right of the palace.) It is a famous baroque style fountain. If your child somehow slips into sleep, sit near the Fontaine de Medicis. It is so pleasant, and captivatingly tranquil you will want to sit there all day. You and your family will truly experience a real Parisian day in Luxembourg Garden. There is a café on site, along with several other vendors. The Luxembourg Gardens is stroller friendly. Admission to Luxembourg Garden is free.

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Luxembourg Garden is entirely outside. So, check the weather forecast at the beginning of the week that you are in Paris and plan your visit accordingly. It doesn't have to be a warm sunny day to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to be there in a rainstorm.

Playground hours of operation: The private playground is open 10:00am to 7:00pm in the summer, 10:00am to 4:00pm in the winter. Check official webpage for exact times, days, and holidays.

Luxembourg Garden hours of operation: 8:00a.m. until one hour before sunset. Open daily.

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The Statue of Liberty model, Luxembourg gardens
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